Cyber & Data Insurance

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The recent hacking of the Talk Talk web site highlights the dangers that face businesses today.

Hacking accounts for circa 10% of Cyber crime whilst accidentaly e.mailing information to the wrong recipient is closer to 50%!

Those Individuals and Companies that hold client data are particularly exposed with legislation in the pipeline that will make controlling data a Regulated activity with heavy fines.

Cyber & Data Insurance will offer comprehensive protection for risk including:

Breach Costs: support including forensic investigators, legal advice, notifying customers and regulators

Cyber Business Interruption: Loss of revenue

Privacy Protection: Defence and claims costs for failing to keep customers’ personal data secure

Hacker Damage: repair, restoration and replacement costs for hacker damage

Media Liability: protection if a copyright is mistakenly infringed

Cyber Extorsion: Ranson paid and risk consultancy support to manage the situation








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